विधा ददति विनयं विनयाद् _याती पात्रताम्

पात्रत्वात् धनमाप्रोति धनात् धर्म तत: सुरवम्


Knowledge brings humility, from humility comes worthiness, with worthiness one attains wealth, with wealth one is able to perform his duties in better way and in performing his duties in a better way one attains happiness.

Education is the most powerful tool, by widening the mental horizons it builds character, enhances aesthetic faculty and cultivate a spirit of inquiry and independent thinking.  It makes child cultured, educated, disciplined, self- reliant, confidence and worthy global citizen ready to meet new challenges.  At Sivagiri Vidyaniketan our quest is to empower each student with education, which we live by and try to fulfill each day.

We visualize life is a learning process to acquire knowledge and education.  It again prepares an individual for life.  Sometimes instead of teaching and learning specific skills, objective of education is intangible but more profound, impacting good judgement (viveka) and wisdom.

We continuously strive to extend the reach of education beyond the barriers of culture and location with a keen focus on quality education.

Our teachers are professionally equipped to develop adapt and modify curriculum content, pedagogy and assessment which suit the needs and aspirations of our students.  We work towards a holistic, experiential, integrated, student – centred educational system that helps to improve the creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills of our young learners to equip them for the ever changing employment dynamics and global ecosystems.  We educate our children to change the world through peace, empathy, fraternity and place great emphasis on inner values.

Our sincere gratitude to all the stakeholders of Sivagiri Vidyaniketan i.e. the management, staff, parents, and students for keeping your trust and belief in the school.  We will continue with the spirit of inculcating ethics and ethos in young minds with aplomb and dedication.

We look forward to working together to support every child to fulfill the school motto: Nurturing young minds to Dream…  Achieve…  Lead…

Wishing all our children a happy and successful journey of learning!


Sheeba Manoj Menon

(M.Sc. Physics, B.Ed, SET)